Made in Wales Strategy

Image: I Am Not A Witch (Dir. Rungano Nyoni)
Image: I Am Not A Witch (Dir. Rungano Nyoni)


More People, More Places, More Films

FHW celebrates Welsh identity, language and culture through film year-round via our Made in Wales Strategy.

To date, we’ve supported the exhibition of 75 unique Welsh features, 24 of which would not otherwise have had a theatrical release. 8 Welsh films are released on average annually and many of these self-distribute.

With limited marketing resources and competition for screen space but demand among both audiences and exhibitors, our aim is to increase access for all.



During the first phase of the FAN, we worked together to implement what was a new approach to Welsh film support, with engagement from exhibitors across Wales. Four years on, many members offer Welsh film confidently as part of the core programme. With Bigger Picture Research, we talked to our partners in distribution, exhibition and production to review what we offer and find ways to get more Welsh films out to audiences in the future.

You can see some of the results in our Welsh film infographic here.

What we aim to offer throughout BFI 2022 is a developing strategy, working with wider Welsh film organisations to boost profile for Welsh film centrally and
collectively, reaching new audiences.

Eligible projects will be inclusive, promoting the diversity of our audience and eclectic exhibition network. Projects will recognise the significance of film to
isolated rural communities and young audiences in Wales.



  • Open call deadlines Friday 10th May 2019 (12pm) and Friday 5th July 2019 (12pm).
  • No set deadlines for Pitch Pot submissions. Members can apply when films of interest are announced/discovered. 
  • Read our Submission Guidelines: Made in Wales Pitch Pots & Strategic Welsh Film Projects - download here or view below.
  • Send us your Submission Form: Made in Wales Pitch Pot (download here
  • Send us your Submission Form: Strategic (download here).
  • Send us a Project Budget (applies to all applications) - download here. If you need help completing your budget, take a look at our budget tips sheet (here)
  • If you have any questions, please contact:


FHW offers opportunities year round for independent exhibition activity in Wales. See the links below;

  • Audience Development Support - aimed at developing film audiences across Wales
  • Festivals - Innovative festivals or networks that meet one or more FHW priorities, are eligible to submit a proposal. 
  • New Film Releases - marketing support for venues to screen some of the best independent and foreign films.
  • Bursaries - Training and skills 

Members can apply to all of the above offers. We also offer networking events, training courses, marketing support, film news and the opportunity to participate in national film seasons like ANIM18.



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  • If you're a filmmaker, take a look at our support page to find out more here.