Made in Wales

Celebrating Welsh identity, language and culture through film year-round.

More People, More Places, More Films

We offer a range of activities each year to enable more people to watch films with Welsh connections, in more places. This includes two open calls annually for larger projects, along with a pitch pot, which is open all year for smaller seasons, or one off events.

If you want to develop your audience for Welsh film, this programme could support you. Read our guidelines below to find out if your idea is eligible.

We believe that it’s important to celebrate Welsh stories, from emerging talent to pioneering archive filmmakers, Welsh locations to language.

Since 2013, we’ve supported over 80 films with Welsh connections, 24 of which would not otherwise have had a theatrical release. Working with 8 Welsh films released on average annually, we offer a range of activities from preview days to online screeners and a growing catalogue of bookable titles.

We also work with wider Welsh screen organisations to boost profile for Welsh film centrally and collectively, reaching new audiences.


You can view and download the full 2020/21 Made in Wales *guidelines here (PDF).

  • *Please note that all guidelines for 2021/22 are under review for release in Spring 2021 (tbc).

  • For applications. please see the Film Exhibition Fund (FEF) where our 2020 funds have been repurposed during Covid-19.

We also offer the following opportunities year round:

  • Audience Development –  Aimed at developing film audiences across Wales.
  • Festivals – Innovative festivals or networks that meet one or more FHW priorities.
  • New Film Releases – marketing support for some of the best independent and foreign films.
  • Bursaries – Training and skills.

Members can apply to all of the above offers. We also offer networking events, training courses, marketing support, film news and the opportunity to participate in national film seasons via Major Programmes.

For example of our work to-date, please see our FHW highlights.

With Bigger Picture Research, we talked to our partners in distribution, exhibition and production to review what we offer and find ways to get more Welsh films out to audiences in the future. See some of the results in our Welsh film infographic here.

Made in Wales Catalogue

Browse our list of Welsh made, Welsh language and Welsh archive films here, with details of how to book.