The Quarryman

By FHW Marketing



Y Chwarelwr' ('The Quarryman') was the first ever talkie in Welsh made by Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards and John Ellis Williams.


Although the first three reels of the original film were safe in the National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales the fourth reel was missing so television director Ifor ap Glyn set about recreating the missing reel in order to complete the film for a new audience. Contemporary actors were used and the whole film was redubbed for continuity and new music added which was specially composed by Pwyll ap Sion. Through the restoration of the original reels and the addition of new material the film was brought to life to a new audience.

The Quarryman was shown in the Sinemaes tent as part of the National Eisteddfod, introduced by National Poet of Wales Ifor Ap Glyn.



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