The King and Dai

By FHW Marketing

The King and Dai tells the story of the Porthcawl Elvis Festival, Europe’s largest Elvis Tribute Festival. For one weekend every year, the otherwise sleepy seaside town turns into a celebration of all things Elvis, attracting fans and Elvis impersonators all around the world, culminating in a fascinating stew of cheesy kitsch and utter sincerity.

Directed by South Wales-based David Barnes, what begins as a light-hearted portrait of the festival soon turns into an engrossing investigation; bickering and bitter fall-outs between former organisers, grapevine-rumours and chaos, throughout which Barnes attempts to deliver a coherent narrative and figure out what on Earth is going on. The festival emerges as some kind of strange metaphorical parallel with the King himself: an innocent start, buoyed by great initial success and enthusiasm, followed by all manner of backstage mayhem once things start bloating.

Even if you’re not an Elvis fan, there’s still something magnetic about the film’s mix of cheese and humanity. And of course, that excellent title encourages thinking of more Welsh-based film puns (The Bridge Over the River Dai! A Fish Called Rhondda! Lost in Treforest!).

Welsh connections

Welsh director: David Barnes

Welsh producer: Mark Atkins

Filmed in Wales

Set in Wales


Date: 2017

Running time: 104 minutes

Format: HD standard ratio

Festivals: Wales International Documentary Festival (Best Welsh Film Award 2017)

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This is film is covered by our Made In Wales strategy, which means if you an a Welsh exhibitor you may be eliable to submit a proposal for support. For more information click here