The Fits

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"A dreamy, beautifully syncopated coming-of-age tale" - The New York Times



Eleven-year-old tomboy Toni (a showstopping Royalty Hightower) is bewitched by the tight-knit dance team she sees practicing in the same Cincinnati gymnasium where she boxes. Enamored by the power and confidence of the strong community of girls, Toni spends less and less time boxing with her older brother, and instead eagerly absorbs the dance routines and masters drills from a distance, and even pierces her own ears in an effort to fit in. But when a mysterious outbreak of fainting spells plagues the team, Toni’s desire for acceptance becomes more complicated. 

Anna Rose Holmer’s debut feature film The Fits is a mesmerising and visually beautiful journey from girlhood to adolescence. Everything about this American film speaks of discovery, from its poetic visual style, its brilliantly captivating lead performance (from 11-year-old Royalty Hightower) to the talent behind the camera. These will be names to remember and keep an eye out for.


Date: 24th February 2017

Running time: 72mins

Certificate: 12A

Format: DCP, Blu-Ray, DVD

Festivals: Cleveland International Film Festival, Deauville Film Festival, Milwaukee Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, RiverRun International Film Festival, San Francisco Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival

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