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Image: Bastards
Image: Bastards


"An intimate and moving portrait of poor single mothers in Morocco" - The Independent


In Morocco, as in all Muslim countries, sex outside marriage is illegal. Single mothers are despised, but what is the fate of their children? They are outcasts, condemned to a life of discrimination. Bastards is the first film to tell this story from a mother’s point of view. We follow Rabha El Haimer through the courts to legalize her forced marriage, to register her daughter and to make the father accept his child. We witness extraordinary scenes… the courtroom claims of her child’s father, verbal abuse from her child's grandfather, Rabha's confrontation with her mother asking why she married her off so young, and … finally her triumph in the courts.

Director Deborah Perkin believes she is the first Westerner to film in the Moroccan family courts. She captures real life courtroom drama, played out in the first Muslim country in the world to recognize that single mothers and illegitimate children have human rights.

Welsh connection

Welsh writer/director/producer: Deborah Perkin

Supported by Ffilm Cymru Wales


Date: 11th July 2014

Running time: 83 minutes

Certificate: 12

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