Alfred and Jakobine

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Image: Alfred and Jakobine
Image: Alfred and Jakobine



In the summer of 1955, Alfred and Jakobine were crazy for adventure and each other. They married as impetuously as they decided to drive around the world in a beat up London taxicab. Their love, like their trip, was defined by passion, brushes with death and even stardom. Jakobine was certain they’d last forever—but without warning, Alfred left, breaking her heart.

Forty years later, their son Niels takes up their story when, at 84, Alfred decides to restore that old wreck of a car and head across America to see Jakobine one more time. A trove of beautiful archival footage and emotional recollections guide Niels’ tender but pressing need to reconcile the man he never really knew and the love his mother never forgot. Thoroughly engaging, Alfred and Jakobine is a beautifully crafted love letter to four decades of heartache, two unforgettable characters and one extraordinary past.

Feature documentary chronicling a man’s journey to reconnect with his estranged wife in the taxi that brought them together decades earlier. Premiered at HotDocs 2014. 

Welsh connection

Welsh producer: Catrin Cooper

Supported by Ffilm Cymru Wales


Date: 15th April 2015

Running time: 70 minutes

Festivals: London International Film Festival, Budapest International Documentary Festival, AFI Docs, Sheffield Doc/Fest, HotDocs 2014

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If you are a Welsh exhibitor you may be eligible to submit a proposal for support as this film is covered by our Made In Wales strategy.