Dementia Friendly Screenings, Chapter

Chapter in Cardiff are offering dementia friendly screenings - a great opportunity for people living with dementia to enjoy a film in a relaxed and friendly environment. The screenings themselves are shown without adverts or trailers and have slightly brighter lighting throughout the auditorium. Where possible, the film is screened with soft subtitles and audio description is available. 

Following the films, there is a chance to audience members to socialise with tea and coffee (included in the ticket price). The screenings are open to anyone living with dementia i.e. those diagnosed, and their family, friends, neighbours or carers. Chapter also welcomes charity workers, medical professionals, care home staff, social workers and support staff.

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"It is difficult to retain some semblance of a 'normal' life once your husband has Alzheimer’s; social life in particular becomes on occasions quite stressful. It is a major effort getting the person dressed and ready to leave the house. Any assistance in this type of event is gratefully received; ushers to show you where the seats are, directions to the toilets, staff not disapproving of the odd shout or inappropriate comment. Keep up the good work, it helps us carers keep our sanity!” – Heather


“I would like to thank all the people at Chapter who made it possible to put on the recent dementia friendly screening of Dads Army. It was lovely to attend with my 87 year old father, knowing there was an understanding of dementia. This gave me the confidence to bring him, which I could not have done in an ordinary performance. As it happened he sat through it and thoroughly enjoyed the film.

The facilities at Chapter were excellent and the staff very supportive. We also enjoyed the tea and biscuits afterwards. We still talk about the film now and really look forward to your next screening. My father lives in a residential home and talking to staff there, they were very interested in your programme. Sunrise senior living have a mini bus and regularly take residents out on trips. Certainly if you were interested in broadening access, they would be good people to talk to. 

On a personal level I really enjoyed sharing time with my dad and really appreciated having such a supportive environment to do so.” - Suzanne


"My Wife Lynne and I have been to Chapter twice now to watch films as part of the dementia initiative. On both occasions the welcome we have received has been first class. Chapter caters for all walks of life and forms a hub for social inter-action and inclusion (essential for those living with dementia and me as a carer). There is so much variey to choose from at Chapter which encourages people to try something different. But above all it is the people that run the Chapter that make the difference to people’s lives and they are to be congratulated." - Steven


"My wife, Margaret, and I have attended dementia friendly events at Chapter three times and we have enjoyed each occasion. Margaret has Alzheimer's and I'm her full-time carer.  Events of this kind are always welcome and mutually rewarding for both of us. Margaret loves being in company and is stimulated by films shown on big screens. Surprisingly, she does'nt ask me questions on what's going on in the film and seems to follow the narrative better than when she watches plays or films on TV at home.

In my case, I welcome the chance to talk with other carers who face similar challenges in day to day caring. It is also good to talk with Chapter staff who are so welcoming and empathise well with the difficulties of dementia sufferers. At the first event, a showing of the feature film Dad's Army, I had the chance to speak to a BBC Radio Wales reporter and I was glad of the opportunity to compliment Chapter on this innovation and the very positive response from carers and cared -for that I had spoken to.  We look forward to future dementia friendly events at Chapter." - Ivor 


"My husband's dementia has excluded us from many activities with the general public but with dementia screening we feel safe enough to enjoy going to the cinema again. It has been liberating for us both as we cope with this isolating illness. Thank you and good luck with the grant." - Linda