Training Experience: London Film Festival

By FHW Marketing

David Gillam attended BFI London Film Festival on behalf of WOW Film Festival in October 2017 - read about his experience below. 



I saw a good number of films, five or six of will I hope feature in WOW in 2018. I enhanced my knowledge of current releases and the best of contemporary world cinema and made some new contacts, as well as reaffirm old ones. WOW is looking to target a younger, more diverse audience, so I was particularly looking for films that might play to a younger audience. I gained from this event greater confidence in programming and a greater understanding of the issues other cinemas and festivals are facing. 


Film reviews from David Gillam

Redoubtable: The film about Godard from the guy who made The Artist. 

Foxtrot: A very powerful Israeli film.

A Fantastic Woman: The Chilean story of a transgender woman sticking up for herself from the director of Gloria.

A Sort of Family: An Argentinian family drama.

Sweet Country: A beautifully done Aboriginal ‘Western’ from Warwick Thornton who made Samson & Delilah.

Sheikh Jackson: A funny, delightful and quite insightful film about a Michael Jackson fan who grows up to be an Islamic fundamentalist and how he deals with those contradictions.

I Am Not A Witch: With a great central performance I Am Not a Witch very successfully immerses the audience in the world of Zambian witchcraft, but to my mind it treads a very narrow line between showing the beliefs, rituals and attitudes to women in a critical light and laughing at them.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer: While I respect a director who is prepared to push the premise of his story to its ‘logical’ and so most dramatic conclusion I personally found certain aspects of The Killing of a Sacred Deer unbelievable. So for me the power of the story was much diminished due to decisions about plotting and characterisation that simply didn’t ring true.

Liyana: Lovely idea for a kids film, animation a bit basic but kids are great. 

Wajib: Well played, good relationship between father & so. 

Zuma: Interesting but too long. 



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