WOW Film Club Screening at Oasis Centre

By FHW Roald Dahl Admin
Image: WOW Film Club Screening at the Oasis Centre. Image © Firezer Teklit Tewelde
Image: WOW Film Club Screening at the Oasis Centre. Image © Firezer Teklit Tewelde

Rabab Ghazoul on WOW Film Club at Oasis Centre...

“It made me talk to people who I would not normally, in my small world, speak to” Cardiff resident, Oasis film night

“The film touch our hearts equally for both the natives and refugee. It was a film that has hope, courage, and determination” Asylum seeker from Eritrea, Oasis film night

We know too well the plight of refugees in recent months and tragic stories of people, including children, losing their lives trying to escape horrors at home. There has been an outpouring of support across Europe. But what does it mean for us in Cardiff, a city where refugees and asylum seekers are already part of our community? What connections can we make with communities on our doorstep? 

The WOW Women’s Film Club and Oasis Cardiff teamed up for the first film and food event in Splott with a screening of The Rocket last night (3 December). The Oasis Centre provides support for asylum seekers and refugees, as well as organising activities and events that build bridges between local residents and the asylum seeking and refugee community in Cardiff. This, the first film and food night organised by WOW Film Club at Oasis, was a chance for people to meet, share food, watch a film and make new friends. 

The responses to the evening were incredibly positive, with many people commenting on how rare it was to be able to meet people on their doorstep they usually wouldn’t get a chance to meet, the opportunity to meet people from other cultures with their own story to tell was very welcome.

The event was so popular that we had to bring in extra chairs to accommodate all the audience. To then see so many people sitting down to eat together, a typical Syrian meal, was heart warming. The Film Club is delighted the event was such a success and thanks are due to staff and volunteers at Oasis who helped make it so. We really look forward to organising more screenings like this in the future.

“This film, and event, has lifted my mood and made my day so much better. It’s reassuring that things can happen - even when everything seems against you. Thank you”  Cardiff resident, Oasis film night

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